Clapping as Voice

by | Apr 9, 2020 | awakening the dream, our work

Tonight I stood outside clapping for our National Health Service, for all the individuals who are front and center dealing with the covid virus pandemic here in the UK.

At 8 pm I stepped outside my front door and started clapping. Alone. On an empty street. An eerily empty street devoid of traffic, of traffic noise from surrounding areas.

Clapping. Alone.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a window opening, a set of hands emerge and the sound of clapping.

Clapping. Together.

A woman across the street whom I have never seen in my entire six years of living here emerges through her front door.

Clapping. Together.

The elderly gentleman on the corner. Our neighbours with their newborn.

Doors opening.

Hands clapping. Clapping together.

So simple.

So powerfully moving.

Tears well up then stream down my face as I listen to the ring of clapping hands, echoing along our quiet street.

A recognition. A raising of hands in one another’s directions. An acknowledgement of solidarity, of togetherness, of connection.

An awareness slips in.

An awareness that throughout the UK, at that moment, along streets in cities, towns, small villages there are others such as myself, standing outside, raising their voice in thanks through the small act of clapping one’s hands – together.


Kate Irvine
2 April 2020
United Kingdom


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