Mutual Reawakening Team Members at UWNatureHealth2021

by | Oct 12, 2021 | our work, research

Eunice Foote’s experiment for her studies on greenhouse gases, as recreated in the 2018 short film “Eunice.” Credit, Paul Bancilhon and Matteo Marcolini

We are pleased to announce that two members of the Mutual Reawakenings team will be speaking at University of Washington’s Virtual Nature & Health Conference.

Reawakenings’ Dr. Sara Warber (Clinical Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at University of Michigan and Principal investigator on the Womxn’s Dreams: Nature, Health and a Balanced Life Project) and Dr. Katherine Irvine (PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland) will be presenting on the following topics at the virtual conference:

Imagining Regenerative and Sustainable Ways of Living: At the Intersection of Art, Nature and Health

Sara Warber MD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI U.S.A; Emmylou Rahtz PhD, University of Exeter, Truro, Cornwall, UK; Bridget Quinn MFA, A.W.E. Society, Warren MI U.S.A; Katherine Irvine PhD, The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Assessing the effects of forest bathing on the well-being of older women: A protocol for a U.S.-based feasibility study

Sara Warber MD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI U.S.A; Bridget Quinn MFA, The A.W.E. Society, Warren MI U.S.A; and Katherine Irvine PhD, The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen Scotland, UK.

Exploring connections between place and spiritual experience: Conceptualising cultural ecosystem services through spiritual well-being

Katherine Irvine, PhD, James Hutton Institute, Daniel Fisher, James Hutton Institute, Anna Conniff, James Hutton Institute, Nick Schurch, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, Sara Warber, University of Michigan.

Pathways to well-being through bench journal entries at urban parks

Francesca Richardson, PhD, The Institute for Integrative Health and Sara Warber, MD, University of Michigan.

BIO-WELL: The development and validation of a human well-being scale that measures responses to biodiversity

Katherine Irvine, James Hutton Institute, Phoebe R Maund, University of Kent, UK, Martin Dallimer, University of Leeds, UK, Robert Fish, University of Kent, UK, Gail E Austen, University of Kent, UK, and Zoe G Davies, University of Kent.

Learn more about Dr. Warber and Dr. Irvine’s sessions here, as well as descriptions of all sessions at the conference.

University of Washington’s Nature & Health Conferenceseeks to understand the connections between nature and human health and well-being. We work to translate that understanding into programs, practices, policies, and the design of healthcare, educational, and community settings that benefit all people and nature.” Learn more about the Nature and Health program here.

We are especially grateful to Nova Institute for Health of People Places and Planet for the visionary, scholarly and material support that makes this project possible.