The Environment Can Actually Change our Physiology

by | Aug 31, 2020 | inspiration & context

Eunice Foote’s experiment for her studies on greenhouse gases, as recreated in the 2018 short film “Eunice.” Credit, Paul Bancilhon and Matteo Marcolini

“While it’s something that we intuitively understand as humans, studies prove the health benefits of spending time outside.”

In this interview entitled “Prescribing Nature: A Physician’s Perspective on Wellness and the Outdoors” from Landscape Forms’ blog, Insite, Dr. Sara Warber talks about her concept “bio-psycho-social-spiritual  modeling” and how it applies to human beings in the natural world. She highlights the ways in which time spent in nature benefits the whole being – improving one’s mood, supporting the immune system, and providing a space where spiritual growth may occur.

“Nature provides a context for us to get into the reflective mindset that we need as individuals to put our lives in order.”

Landscape Forms is a Michigan-based company that specializes in creating custom outdoor environments using site furniture and advanced LED lighting.

Dr. Sara Warber, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at University of Michigan, is also the Principal investigator on the Womxn’s Dreams: Nature, Health and a Balanced Life Project, which produces this website. Learn more about her work regarding the health benefits of nature.

We are especially grateful to Nova Institute for Health of People Places and Planet for the visionary, scholarly and material support that makes this project possible.