Mutual Reawakening

Dreams of Nature, Health, and a Balanced Life

Dreams of Nature, Health, and a Balanced Life

Healthy People   •   Healthy Planet
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Mutual Reawakening
Dreams of Nature, Health, and a Balanced Life


We envision an equitable, regenerative and sustainable world where humans and nature function in balance and harmony for the health and flourishing of all.  By fostering deep connection with nature, we inspire others and ourselves to imagine, adopt, and share new ways of living.

Mutual Reawakening: Dreams of Nature, Health and a Balanced Life

is a transdisciplinary project that . . .

   Explores the received and lived wisdom that facilitates health for all (human and planetary) within the context of environmental change.

♦   Implements programs and events to reconnect people to nature and support transformative action by:

    • Experimenting within our transdisciplinary team using nature and arts-based invitations that create connections to nature, self, and others;
    • Conducting a pilot study of forest therapy’s effects on women 40 years and older, including their connection to nature and improved wellbeing;
    • Curating an art exhibition for hospital audiences that links human and planetary health, enhances connection to nature, engages interest in learning, and invites action.

♦   Shares what we learn about the benefits of interdependent living and healing for all forms of life by: 

    • Publishing our work in academic journals and presenting at national or international conferences.

We are especially grateful to Nova Institute for Health of People Places and Planet for the visionary, scholarly and material support that makes this project possible.