Earth Day Invitation

by | Jun 21, 2020 | art & performance, awakening the dream, our work

EARTH DAY REFLECTIONS An invitation to honor and reflect upon the 50th anniversary of Earth Day  Supplies: a journal, writing implement(s), and a cell phone camera Time: 15 minutes (+/-) Place: Find a place to safely connect with nature: this may be outside or inside--perhaps near a window or amongst your houseplants.  INVITATION: Find a posture that feels comfortable. Give yourself some time to settle into place.  Take a couple long breaths, and focus on relaxing your body and allowing the earth to hold you.  Breathe into your heart space and bear witness to whatever arises from the earth and from within yourself. Do this for as long as you like.  REFLECTION: Respond in whatever way feels right (example: words, drawing, voice memo… etc.) to either or both of the following questions. Relieve yourself of pressure: this doesn't need to be polished; this is meant as a snapshot of emerging intuitions, feelings and ideas.  What are you noticing? What does it mean to live well on the earth right now?   SHARING:  Take a photo of your little sit spot, and if you did any drawing or writing that you want to share. Email them to or share them to our facebook page: Mutual reawakening for planetary health.

On the 50th anniversary of Earthday, the Womxn’s Dreams’ research team shared their responses to this invitation, designed to help us connect with nature and listen to our deeper intuitions.

Although our research involves systematic analysis of art, writing and forest therapy, we also know that the seeds of re-awakening are contained in the untamed zones of direct connection with the earth, our dreams, intuitions and the feelings that arise within us. This invitation was designed to help us connect with that wild place.

The responses showed a welling up of gratitude, grief and yearning. This process is meant to stimulate creativity and intuition, and so responses in various levels of polishedness, ranging from messy and intuitive observations to fully developed creative impulses are encouraged.

Some members of the womxn’s dreams research team brought images back to the group (see below). Others created video or wrote; follow these links to see their work.

"Blanket - Shroud - Protection", by Elaine Simms

Elaine Sims, Blanket – Shroud – Protection

"Settling" by Amelia Hansen

Amelia Hansen, Settling

"Watching seeds begin to sprout, there's new delight in tiny things," Emmylou Rahtz

Emmylou Rahtz, Watching seeds begin to sprout, there’s new delight in tiny things.

"The seeds of wondering: how do I become a good ancestor?" by Bridget Quinn

Bridget Quinn, The seeds of wondering: how do I become a good ancestor?

We humbly invite you to participate in this practice and to share your reflections with us because, after all, every day on earth is an earth day.
You may email your reflections directly to us or share them on our Facebook page @Mutualreawakening for Planetary Health.

More from Bridget Quinn:

We are especially grateful to Nova Institute for Health of People Places and Planet for the visionary, scholarly and material support that makes this project possible.