Nature Connection from Botanical Graffiti?

by | May 10, 2020 | inspiration & context, nature & climate change, stories of hope

Eunice Foote’s experiment for her studies on greenhouse gases, as recreated in the 2018 short film “Eunice.” Credit, Paul Bancilhon and Matteo Marcolini

Rogue botanists and chalking plant lovers

One of the delights I’ve encountered on our daily quarantine walks is the chalking of sidewalks by kids who are at home from school. In my neighborhood these semi-functional artworks are often hopscotch or hearts, but they always bringing a smile, knowing kids have been here. 

Now rogue botanists and chalking plant lovers are turning city streets and sidewalks into guided plant tours in France, the UK, and other European cities.  Some of these naturalist-artists take pictures of the plants with their names, post them on-line, extending the moments of nature connection to those who can’t be outside.

What a simple and beautiful way to acknowledge our partnership with the often-ignored plant-life around us.  And this takes courage too.  In the UK, these rebels are working at risk because chalking is illegal.

I hope you enjoy the linked article and pictures.  We invite YOU to join the radical plant lovers by sending us your botanical graffiti to or posting them on our Facebook page, Mutual Reawakening for Planetary Health. 

Let’s raise plant awareness everywhere.


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