Inspiration & Context

stories of hope

Hope is a complicated word right now.

With this work, we hope to cultivate a specific type of hope that might help us to survive and come into better, more balanced, and mutual relationships with the earth and each other. Capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and many other isms, have a powerful hold on our collective imaginations and behaviors – yet other ways of being have always been present. The type of hope we are trying to cultivate here is a critical hope. A hope that doesn’t settle for the domination of others (both human and more than human), and a hope that does not strive for immortality, but rather seeks for ways of living well within our time. We know this is messy business, but here we acknowledge and share the stories of people, communities, and the more than human world that helps us to imagine our way to something better.

We are especially grateful to The Institute for Integrative Health for the visionary, scholarly and material support that makes this project possible.